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BNA: Brand New Animal is an anime released by Studio TRIGGER.


The anime takes place in Tokyo, where teenage high-school girl Michiru Kagemori, who one day just turned into a tanuki beastkin.

According to the backstory of the main protagonist, due to a transfusion mix up with human blood and beastkin blood at the hospital, Michiru transforms into a tanuki beastkin. She leaves her human town and flees to a town called Anima, where she goes to find out how to become human again.

While this anime does talk a lot about transformation, I feel to myself that it caters to the furry fandom more broadly than any other anime out there. I love the art style of the anime, it’s colourful, vibrant and ties everything together. The OP and ED are fucking awesome as well.


The OP is really good, it gets the viewer ready for the anime. It’s catchy and you could listen to it on repeat over and over again without getting bored of listening to the song. I wish there could be more song however.

Next up is the ED. Performed by the artist Shin Sakura featuring AAAMYYY, this ED has an amazing bass and synthwave experience. If you’re a fan of bass and synthwave, or just synthwave or bass, this song is for you.

The BNA OST is available soon on CD from Japan, which you can place your preorder here. (Not sponsored)


While listening to the ED, you have no other choice but to feel like you’re walking around the bright Tokyo streets during the night, much like a tanuki or fox. It’s a great song if you’re exhausted or you want to chill out.

BNA: Brand New Animal is coming to Netflix on the 30th of June. Add it to your Watchlist today to be notified when it gets released on the Netflix catalog.

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