Hey there.

As you may have noticed, our site went down for a while.


We had a DDoS attack on the host network, the attack lasted at least 8 hours and we almost came back up and running however the DDoS attack decided to ramp back up again.

How did this happen?

Some script kiddie out there decided to blast our host’s network with an IoT DDoS attack using a $2 botnet based booter. I’m assuming this botnet was huge as it was pushing more than 58gb/s to the IP address at one time.

Did the host do anything about it?

Yes, the awesome people at our web host did an awesome job handling the attack. We were kicked offline for 6 hours while they managed to get things under control.

You’ve indicated 6 hours, where’s the other 3?

The other three hours were for quality testing and reporting. We received notification the next day about what happened and if the coast was clear to start allowing traffic back to the websites.

Do you have a redundancy plan, incase this happens again?

We are working with our web host to try and come up with a redundancy plan in case this happens again. In the meantime, the site may go down and come back up again in the next few days as we test the redundancy plan.

Does TechPress support donations to help fund the redundancy plan?

Yes, we do support donations. We support the Basic Attention Token (BAT) if you wish to use the Brave Browser (#notsponsored) or we also support donating via PayPal.

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